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T-shirt fit and quality

T-shirt fit and quality

3rd Dec 2020

As you look through our selection of men's t-shirts you'll notice we have a basic and a premium tee.  Both are of high quality, but they are significantly different from each other.  The MBS-basic is a traditional fit tee with plenty of room around the shoulders and torso.  It measures up with traditional fits that have been around for the past twenty years.  It's made from 100% cotton (unless heather) and has a weightier (6oz fabric weight), slightly rougher texture. 

The Premium tee, MPS styles are also made from 100% cotton fabric (unless heather). A heather t-shirt incorporates polyester into the fabric. The premium tee is narrower in the torso by more than 1.5", also the sleeve length is shorter with a narrower opening.  Although the weight of the t-shirt is lighter, 4.3oz, the quality of fabric is equal to or better than a basic t-shirt.  Softer finer cotton and thread is used when sewing this t-shirt.  Think of it like bed sheets, higher thread count bed sheets are smoother, more comfortable and feel great against your skin, but they won't protect you as much from the elements like a thicker chunkier flannel.

In the end, it's up to you.  Our goal is to provide you with the information to make the best buying decision.